Texas Justice (If You Can Afford It) As BATF Entraps Arwady

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Bob Arwady, The EPA, And BATF Entrapment


Bob Arwady owns a gun store, the Ammo Dump and formerly a rifle range in Houston, Texas.

He made the government mad at him when he beat back the state EPA attempt to shut down his range.

In a process that cost him over $100,000 and three years of his life in court, Arwady showed that the lead in rifle bullets that collected in the berms on his range could not possibly contaminate ground water as the environmental extremists in the state government were alleging.

Outrage At Police-State Treatment Of The Sherburn Family In California

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California "Tubes" Model Family

by Dave Hardy

Chris and Trudy Sherburn's rap sheet is impressive:

Married 23 years, six children ages 7-21.

Children home-schooled by Mrs. Sherburn (who holds an M.A. in early childhood education). "Field trips" to help in convalescent homes and assist in missions to Central America.

Totally clean record.

Focus of life: missionary work in South America and coordinating translation of Bible study materials into Spanish.

City Of Alexandria, VA Sued Over Illegal Gun Ban

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City of Alexandria Sued over Illegal Gun Ban Regulation

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc., in cooperation with Gun Owners Foundation, has filed suit against the City of Alexandria for an illegal Administrative Regulation that bans possession of firearms at City worksites. The Regulation is contrary to a Virginia state law that prohibits localities from restricting guns.

Akins Accelerator

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On November 26, 2008, Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) and Gun Owners of America (GOA) filed in the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit a friend-of-the-court brief in support of Bill Akins effort to reverse a 2006 ruling handed down by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) that the Akins Accelerator is an illegal machinegun.

An Attorney's Guide

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By seizing a gun dealer's inventory, and subjecting those seized firearms to forfeiture, BATF has, in many cases, put gun dealers out of business, and in many others put those businesses in jeopardy of having to close their doors. Outraged by these tactics, GOF decided to do something about it.

McDonald v Chicago Litigation

On Monday, November 23, 2009, Gun Owners Foundation and Gun Owners of America filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the United States Supreme Court in support of four Chicago residents who are seeking to invalidate a city ordinance prohibiting them from owning or possessing a handgun in their own home. The brief argues that the privileges or immunities clause of the 14th Amendment is the correct basis for ruling that the Second Amendment protects the individual right of all Americans, not just those living in Washington, DC.

Connecticut v Walter Reddy and the Second Amendment

Walter Reddy, ambushed at home and in court by the State of Connecticut, needs your help to defend our Second Amendment rights.

In this day and age, it seems that just believing in the Constitution can make you an enemy of the state and a target of the government. A friend of the Second Amendment, and Founder of Committees of Safety in Connecticut, Walter Reddy, just learned this truth the hard way.