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Robinson v. US

On July 24, Gun Owners and Gun Owners Foundation filed a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court in the case Robinson v. United States.

This brief urges the High Court to review a court of appeals decision that authorizes the police to search and disarm a gun owner at a traffic stop — even if the firearm is being lawfully carried under state law.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit had ruled that the police are justified in treating anyone who may have a gun as if he were an armed and dangerous criminal — including drawing their guns, ordering him out of the car, and disarming him.

Our brief argued that lawful gun carriers actually are among the most trustworthy people in our society, and pose virtually no danger to the police.

Not only did the Second Amendment’s framers trust gun owners, most state governments do as well, along with the overwhelming majority of police officers.

It appears that it is only unelected, liberal federal judges distrust lawful gun owners.

We explain that a citizen’s exercise of his Second Amendment rights to bear arms should not cause him to waive his Fourth

Amendment rights to be free from searches and seizures of his property.

Lastly, our brief dispelled the notion that firearms themselves are “inherently dangerous,” and that the lower court’s opinion will only serve to create problems between the police and gun owners during traffic stops.