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End the Year with an Impact

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and we are gearing up for big fights in 2024.

GOF is one of the nation’s oldest and most prominent defenders of our 2A-protected rights in the court. For 40 years, our Foundation’s top priority has been to defend and restore the Second Amendment against attack by governments at all levels, and it is active in the defense of First and Fourth Amendment rights as well.

Your support is so important to us, because it allows us to continue fighting in the courts for the rich text, history and tradition of the Second Amendment.

Your help also allows us to continue serving as a government watchdog to stop those who would try to destroy our precious rights.

Because of your support this year, we were able to:

  • Smack down the anti-gun Left in Oregon, where we just secured a permanent injunction against their law which bans certain firearms and standard-capacity magazines, and that requires gun owners to get a permit to purchase a firearm.
  • Win a preliminary injunction against New Mexico’s tyrannical governor who tried to ban the carrying on firearms in Albuquerque under a “public health order.”
  • Defeat much of New York’s ban on concealed carry in federal court—even as we prepare to continue appealing the case all the way to the Supreme Court.
  • Force the ATF to back down on revoking two gun store licenses, and we are currently suing the ATF to stop their Zero Tolerance policy from putting thousands of additional gun dealers out of business.

Not only did we accomplish these incredible victories with your help, we have also been able to continue suing:

  • California for restricting the number of legal places where permit holders can carry a weapon;
  • Illinois over its unconstitutional ban on commonly owned firearms and standard magazines;
  • Tennessee over its prohibition on carrying firearms in parks and recreation areas; and,
  • Joe Biden’s Depart of Justice for banning up to 40 million pistol-braced firearms and imposing unconstitutional waiting periods for those under 21.

All of this, of course, is just the tip of iceberg. There is so much that Gun Owners Foundation is doing to secure our gun rights today and educate the next generation of Patriots for tomorrow.

As mentioned already, GOF isn’t just fighting in the courts. We are also fighting for the next generation of gun owners and leaders.

Through our 2A Defenders program, we have taken on the propaganda that’s being taught on college campuses. We will not let the anti-gun Left continue their echo-chamber unabated, or force young adults to be soft targets so they can later use them as martyrs for the gun control agenda.

This program isn’t just on college campuses but online through the new Shots Fired video program, which debunks the Left’s claims in 60 seconds or less.

And you make it all possible.

In addition to giving directly to GOF, you can donate through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), by donating stocks, or via corporate matching funds through Benevity.

Your gift to GOF will go towards helping our legal program protect the Second Amendment rights of Americans across the nation and educating the next generation.

We are only able to fight because of your support.

The anti-gun Left is always on the attack, and that’s why we need Gun Owners Foundation on the frontlines.

With your generous contribution, we will finish this year even stronger and be better prepared for whatever 2024 brings.