GOF Releases ATF's Secret “Solvent Trap” Technical Bulletins

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Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) is always on the lookout for new government excuses to take away someone’s right to keep and bear arms. Sometimes, new unconstitutional rules are boldly announced. Other times, they are kept secret until it’s too late. That’s usually how the ATF works. It often seems that ATF is not interested in protecting public safety or ensuring Second Amendment rights – instead, they want your guns, and will take any opportunity to make life more difficult for law-abiding gun owners.

GOA, GOF Tell SCOTUS to “Reject and Repudiate” New York’s Gun Control, and to “Protect Pre-existing and Unalienable Rights of the People”

GOF News Release

Springfield, VA – Gun Owners Foundation (GOF), Gun Owners of America (GOA), and the Heller Foundation have submitted an amicus brief in NYSRPA v Bruen, a case that challenges New York’s infringing “may-issue” permitting system before the Supreme Court.

The brief demonstrates before the Court how this permitting system is inconsistent with our Founders’ vision for a protected right to bear arms, stating:

Text, History and Tradition – Not Interest Balancing – At the Heart of Supreme Court’s New York Gun Rights Case

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Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral argument in New York State Rifle & Pistol v. Bruen, a challenge to New York State’s discretionary concealed carry licensing scheme, which requires New Yorkers to demonstrate to the satisfaction of a government bureaucrat that they have some sort of special, individualized, good cause before being permitted to carry a firearm for self-defense.

Young v. Hawaii

July 24, 2021 - Gun Owners Foundation filed its second brief in the Young v. Hawaii challenge to Hawaii’s virtual total ban on carrying firearms in the State of Hawaii. Our earlier brief was filed before the Ninth Circuit en banc. This brief was filed in the U.S .Supreme court in support of Young’s Petition for Certiorari. We urge the Court to overturn the two-step test used in many Second Amendment challenges. We also challenge the “longstanding” ban in Hawaii, most of which occurred during the time Hawaii was governed by a Monarchy.

New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen — SCOTUS Merits

GOF News Release

Today, Gun Owners Foundation filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme Court supporting a challenge to the virtual ban on concealed carry in New York State. The brief was filed on our behalf as well as that of Gun Owners of America and the Heller Foundation. We critique the Second Circuit case in Kachalsky v County of Westchester, explain how the New York licensing scheme undermines the prefatory clause of the Second Amendment addressing the People’s militia and the objective of a free state.

GOF Files Amicus Brief in Mai v. United States

GOF News Release

Gun Owners Foundation, in conjunction with Gun Owners of America, Gun Owners of California, and the Heller Foundation, has filed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to review a Ninth Circuit decision which allowed a ban on gun possession by a man who had suffered a mental health crisis as a minor, but who had since then been found by the State of Washington not to be a danger to himself or to others. Nevertheless, as the Ninth Circuit has done in every Second Amendment challenge brought before it since Heller, the court upheld the restriction on the right to keep and bear arms.

GOF Files Caniglia v. Strom Amicus Brief

Today, Gun Owners Foundation filed an amicus brief in support of a challenge to a First Circuit decision which upheld an illegal search and seizure of firearms by police after a Petitioner husband and his wife had a non-violent, non-threatening argument. Tired of arguing with his wife, the husband threw down an unloaded handgun and said something like “just shoot me.” The next day the police showed up to do a “wellness check,” and insisted the husband go to a hospital to be interviewed, a request to which he submitted, and he was found to be non-suicidal.